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Jewish Americans

Jewish Americans - Jewish Americans Je wis h Ame ricans...

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3/1/12 Jewish Americans 1/2 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/4700JewAm.22.htm Jewish Americans I.Pop: 1990, 5.5 million+1.3 mil with some ancestry (from mixed marriages). Aprox 1.4 million in NYC (1994) and over ½ million in LA and SE Florida II. Three major waves of Jewish Immigrants A.1st: arrive 1654 from Spain, Portugal; seek refuge after expelled from Eur B.2 nd : mid-1800s Germany; grows to 200,000 from 2500 at independence C.3 rd : 1880-1952, @3 million; nearly ó Jews in E.Eur leave pogroms etc III.Anti-Semitism rampant in 1920s and 1930s and early 1940s D.Johnson-Reid Act (1924): quotas keep large number of Jews out of U.S. E.Protocols of the Elders of Zion: fake document showing Jewish conspiracy to conquer world governments through communism & banks i.Henry Ford: publish, Dearborn Independent anti-Semitic 1920s F.Overt: Jews attacked openly and viciously and millions support G.Discrimination peaks during this period, then declines: i. Harbinger 1877: financier Seligman denied entry to Grand Hotel ii. Univ Quotas 1922:
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