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3/1/12 Mclemore, S 1/1 Mclemore, S. Dale and Harriet Romo.1998. Racial and Ethnic Relations in America. 5th ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Chapter 1Natives and Newcomers I. AMERICAN IDENTITY:A key question that I wish to ask all of you is this: What changes a person¶s identity from foreign to American? Alejandro Portes study in San Diego/S. Florida finds only 5.3% of 2 nd gen. identify as just Americans, although 85% prefer English. A. Impact of backlash, English-only movement, and discrimination. Terms describing transformation of a identity from foreign to American : accXlWXUaWion, aVVimilaWion, and inWegUaWion. Also described as a process of "melting," "merging," or "fusing." II. The three-generations process : stages to become "completely American:” Excepting nonwhites, most specifically national aspects rarely survive 3rd gen.(Glazer and Moynihan 1964:313). A.
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