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3/1/12 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/4700EUG.6.htm 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/4700EUG.6.htm Eugenics Movement I.Objectives Achieved by U.S. Eugenics Movement , which seeks selective breeding to improve humans 1. Restrictions on marriage (anti-miscegenation predates;1896 Conn.1st pure eugenic law) 2. Sterilization of genetic undesirables (laws in 30 states+Puerto Rico, 1907-1964) 3. Restricted immigration (Emergency Quota Act 1921; Johnson-Reid Act 1924) II. Eugenics Movement arguments based on pseudo-science rooted in biological determinism, which has pattern of ignoring, discarding, falsifying evidence A. I.Q. testing predated by: 1. Physiognomy: facial angles used to determine inborn characteristics 2. Phrenology: examines surface of head for bumps showing poverty, wisdom, etc. 3. Craniology: cephalic index (width/length of skull) to measure intellect, morals B. Craniology disproved: 1. Anatomist Burt Wilder (1909) shows no difference between black/white brains 2. Franz Boas in 1912 (1940) makes 18000 measurements of immigrants to U.S.
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