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3/1/12 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700IND.12.htm 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700IND.12.htm American Indians in Phase II Post-Colonial Policies of Cultural Subversion and Control I.California: the last frontier for militar\ suppression of Indians A. Murder of Indians legalized and publically subsidized in California 1. 1851/52 Cal authorizes > $1 million for vigilantes “supressing Indian hostilities” B. Indians primarily viewed as obstacles to be removed rather than as free labor power 1.Exception: slavery in South Carolina for limited duration 2.California: Act for the Government and Protection of Indians (1850-1863) a.Indian Children auctioned off at $50-$200 after parents murdered b.Indentured servitude for up to 10,000 Indians is close to slavery II.The Second Phase of American Polic\: BIA subversion of Indian culture A.Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) founded 1824: originally within War Department 1. No other ethnic group subject to such control by single bureaurcacy 2.Control exercised much like total institutions (e.g., prisons, mental institutions)
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