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3/1/12 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700JEW.21.htm 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700JEW.21.htm Causes of the Holocaust, part 2 V.Why didn¶t the Jews Resist? A. Given limited opportunity and no help, Jews did resist.Examples: 1. Warsaw Ghetto uprising, April 1943 2.Uprisings in Treblinka, August 1943 B.U.S. and Britain don¶t aid Jews: many die in holocaust because of immigration policy VI.Does Rabid German Anti-semitism Explain? A.Germany was a relatively good place for Jews from 1870-1933. 1.Education:Jews over-represented as students,faculty: 1% pop, 19% prof (1910) a.1905-1931, 10 Jews out of 32 Germans get Nobel prize for science 2.Income: prosperity indicated insofar as pay 4% of income tax, only 1% of pop 3.Exogamy: in 1933, 44% marry non-Jews 4.Over-represented in national legislature B. Didn¶t Germans vote for Hitler? 1.1/3 did, 2/3 did not; Hitler was appointed chancellor; military coup gives power 2.Many voting for Hitler wanted strong leader to pull out of chaos of depression C. Kristallnacht (11/ 9/38): “Night of the broken glass” not supported by many in public
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Unformatted text preview: 1.SS, SA, Hitler youth burn synagogues, destroy businesses, arrest and kill Jews 2.Because divisive: Propaganda Ministry bans news on anti-Jewish measures VII.Dynamics of Power and Privilege, Colonial Legacy of Eugenics Explain Holocaust A.Hitler gained support from two pillars of power: industrial elite, military elite 1. Delivered on promise to eliminate trade unions and sots B.Jews were at wrong place at wrong time: most accessible target for eugenics ideology 1.Ideology legitimating European colonialism makes “race” a central focus C.Holocaust made possible by (1) highly centralized dictatorship, (2) cover of wartime 1.opponents terrorized by what happened to the Jews 2.Secrecy of wartime, belief that rumors of death camps were war propaganda D. Industrial world including U.S., not just Gemany, implicated in eugenics/anti-semitism back to class notes index...
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