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3/1/12 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700MI±M.17.htm 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/4700MI±M.17.htm DiVcUiminaWion AgainVW BlackV in Miami and Race RioWV (fUom MaUYin DXnn, Black Miami in the 20th Centur\) I.DiVcUiminaWion A. Economic: black business banned in white areas, including downtown/ Flagler St. but whites have businesses in black areas (from 1896) 1. Also denied entry labor unions until 1960s 2.1995: first banking services--Republic National Bank--in overtown B. Education: blacks must leave county for high school;Booker T. Washington 1st in 1927 1. Whites believed blacks suited for manual or domestic work 2. Segregation in 1969: 1/5 public schools all black a. board rules black schools not good enough for whites, infuriating blacks 3. U of Miami bans blacks 1920s-1961; 1st black instructor 1962; 1st athlete 1967 C. Criminal justice: black patrol officers 1st hired 1944; couldn¶tarrest whites until 1963 1. Shock treatment:electric wires applied to genital areas in 1920s(outright torture)
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  • Spring '09
  • Miami, black patrol officers, Great Black Way, imina ion, Bl ack Mi, www2.fiu.edu/ girardc/4700MIAM.17.htm

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