Crime_ Does More Severe Punishment Deter

Crime_ Does More Severe Punishment Deter - repeat convict...

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3/1/12 Crime: Does More Severe Punishment Deter 1/1 CUiPe: DReV MRUe SeYeUe pXQiVhPeQW DeWeU? I. u.S. IQcaUceUaWiRQ raWe A. 1990: One million behind bars B. cRPsaUed WR UeVW Rf ZRUOd: U.S. among the highest SRXUce Rf UePaiQdeU Rf OecWXUe: Elliot Curie 1985 ConfronWing Crime II. DeWeUUeQce DRcWUiQe A. OiPiWed cRQcesW Rf hXPaQ QaWXUe: rationale cost/benefit a. heaW Rf saVViRQ: non-rational basis many crimes b. TXeVW fRU PaQhRRd: street gangs see prison source honor B. iQfRUPaO Y. fRUPaO VaQcWiRQV: family, friends >effective restraint III. 3 E[seUiPeQWV tRXgh SeQWeQciQg 1. 1973 rRcNefeOOeU DUXg LaZ: 2 oz. Heroin min 15/25 yrs, max life a. sRVVeV hXOOXciQR/VWiP iQWeQW VeOO:
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Unformatted text preview: repeat convict 1-8 yrs, max life 2. 1974 MaVVachXVeWWV iOOegaO fiUeaUP OaZ: 1 year mandatory possession a. UeVXOW: get off before, 4/5 get off after law 3 1997 MichigaQ FeORQ\ FiUeaUP OaZ: 2 yrs added sentence for gun use crime Iv. SOissage beWZeeQ cUiPe aQd sXQiVhPeQW: problem catching criminals A. raQd CRUs VWXd\ Rf chaQceV Rf aUUeVW: a. rRbbeUV: 1/10 b. BXUgOaUV: VOighWO\ OeVV c. AXWR WhefW: 1/25 d. AUPed URbbeU\: 1/8 v. recidiYiVP: % released prisoners re-arrested A. IQcaUceUaWiRQ: best predictor of repetitive criminality a. pUiVRQ VXbcXOWXUe: school of crime b. DRQaOd weVW CaPbUidge uQiY VWXd\: convict increase delinquency...
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