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3/1/12 Education US 1/1 EdXcaWion: US. V. Japan FUom RichaUd L\nn (1988) I. InWeUnaWional CompaUiVonV: u.S ChildUen lag behind, JapaneVe childUen e[cel Vcience/maWh A. IllinoiV-Japan VWXd\ MaWh (walbeUg, HaUniVch, TVai 1984) (i) aYg. JapaneVe beWWeU Whan 98% of AmeUican VWXdenWV! II. JapaneVe EdXcaWional S\VWem A. PUimaU\ SchoolV: in local aUea mXch like u.S. B. CXUUicXlXm diffeUenceV! EWhicV, mXVic, cenWUal miniVWU\. C. JR High D. E[aminaWion Hell! 14+ e[amV A. To enWeU SR Hi: VchoolV Uanked; noW all admiWWed E. SR HighV: Uanked accoUding Wo admiWV Wo u of Tok\o
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Unformatted text preview: III. CompaUiVon of JapaneVe SchoolV ZiWh uS/EXUope A. uniYeUViWieV: in Japan 1/3 Wop fiUmV UecUXiW fUom u. of Tok\o. 1. gUad Wop uniY > cUXcial Wo caUeeU in Japan Whan in u.S. B. InWelligence? NoW Whe UeaVon foU JapaneVe VXcceVV C. HomeZoUk: JapaneVe do moUe D. IncenWiYe VWUXcWXUe: AdYanWage of 14+e[amV? SXcceVViYe SXb-goalV (Tolman 1932; LeZin 1935) oUdeUed in caXVal chain (i) diVadYanWage of gUadeV, SAT E. OUdeU in Whe claVVUoom! Am Weach 2-4 u Wime F. TeacheUV UemXneUaWion edXc. e[pendiWXUe noW moUe in Japan G. LengWh of Wime deYoWed Vchool ZoUk: > in Japan...
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