Global Patterns of Suicide

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3/1/12 Global Patterns of Suicide 1/1 Global Patterns of Suicide I. WORLD SUICIDE DATA: men¶s suicide risk (rate) higher than for women without exception today A. for 2/3 countries, double or more B. Morselli¶s data century ago C. India 1872 exception D. Yet attempted suicide rate higher for women! II. Threatened identities theory 1. life-changing events jeopardize self-concept
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Unformatted text preview: 2. identity supports central to self-concept 3. contingent or performance-oriented self-concept 4. psychological career: past, present, future self III. Gender and life cycle A. women kin keepers B. male breadwinner role C. occupational v. parental roles D. middle age apex E. gender differences in old age...
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