I - I Chapte r 10 Drug Abus e I Extent of Drug Use A A...

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3/1/12 I 1/3 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/2010chAp10drug.15.htm Chapter 10. Drug Abuse I. Extent of Drug Use: A. A. alcohol: 1. 5% of adult Americans are heavy drinkers consuming 5 or more drinks at one sitting , 5 or more times each month B. 2. 1/3 high school seniors report episodes heavy drink preceding 2 weeks 3. Est 15% male drinkers,6% of female drinkers in U.S. become abusers 4. More likel\ to become alcoholics: 1. men 2. lower SES 3. Catholic high, Jews low 4. young people C. Marijuana: 1/2 – 1/3 adults have ever used 1. 18-25 years old:14% current users over age 35 : a. 2 % current users b. peaked in late 1970s increase some in 1990s c. 5% college students use on daily basis 2. Chronic Marijuana use: may develop a motivational syndrome lack of goals, apathy, sluggish mental responses, and mental confusion a. However, such behavior may be socially acceptable among drug users – thereby b. May only affect 3% of users c. Disappearance without any treatment d. No convincing evidence that causes harder drug use 1. Bring in contact with people using other drugs 2. Personal psychoactive drug probs may incline use other drugs D. Cocaine: 3 rd most popular in U.S., following alcohol, marijuana 1. Only 1.4% of 18-25 year olds used cocaine in last month of 1995 compared with 9.9% in 1979 2. Use peaked 1980-1985 substantial decline since then 3. Can produce = dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal as heroin E. Amphetamines: highly addicting can induce paranoia or confusion – linked with high levels of F. Depressants(e.g. barbiturates use as sedatives/painkillers): can cause poWenWiaWion :2 depressants take same time effect greater,create interaction can cause death (e.g. alcohol + depressant) use declined, esp among young G. Narcotics(painkillers): highly addictive;heroin addicts many crimes
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I - I Chapte r 10 Drug Abus e I Extent of Drug Use A A...

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