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Chap - Chap Le c 11 Chap 6 Communication and Conflict Re s...

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3/1/12 Chap 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/3120ch6.11.htm Lec. 11. Chap. 6 Communication and Conflict Resolution I.Ver/Nonverb Com: verbal=content;nonverb tell attitude(eg.hostile)&interpret(eg.joke) II. Nonverbal Communication: Noller (1984) reports 3 important functions in marriage: 1.conveys interpersonal attitudes: shows how 2 get along;rolling eyes signals rel flaws 2.expressing emotions: thru bodies;if depressed walk slowly,frown;share feel w/partner 3.handle ongoing interaction: posture & eye contact signal interest or boredom 4.most important forms: proximity, eye contact, and touch a. proximity: nearness in phys space&time;less distance signals >intimacy/threat b. cult. misinterpet: neutral dist for Latinos maybe too close (seductive)for Anglos i. result: if Anglo mistakenly flirts in response, Latino may think Anglo initiating c. satisfied couples spend >time together: 7 hrs/day vs. 5 hrs for distressed couples d. eye contact: signals interest if longer than usual;couples in agree have >contact e. touch:
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