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3/1/12 Chapter 1 1/1 Lec 1. Chapter 1. The Meaning of Marriage and the Family I. Family²Cen Bur def: group 2 or > rel. by birth,marriage,or adopt,live 1 household A. dominant household form: 68 percent of households in U.S. B. Possible Contemporary revision: by birth, marriage, adoption, chRice II. Marriage as a Legally Recognized Union between a Man and a Woman: united sexually, cooperate economically, may give birth to, adopt, or rear children A. Non-Western cultural variation: child as young as 6 may marry B. spirit marriage: arranged b/ dead in 1 region of China for patrilineal line a. if men too poor marry or die, parents adopt son, preserves descent line C. Arranged marriage: family members choose partners vs. romantic love D. church role: early middle ages, priest’s blessing not important, but 10 th century only valid if performed by priest, 13 th century must occur in church E. Today: validated by government issued marriage licenses F. Who may marry changed in 150 yrs:
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