Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - 3/1/12 Chapter 9 Chapte r 9. Pre gnancy and...

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3/1/12 Chapter 9 1/2 Chapter 9. Pregnancy and Parenting I. Choosing whether to have children 1. ethnic dif children per marriage: Latino 2.9, black 2.47, white 1.97. 2. drop in fertility rate: 119 in 1960 to 66 per 1000 women in 1996. 3. childlessness rate: @9% of U.S. women b/ age 15-44 don’t plan to have children 4. childless v. “child-free:” latter connotes not having children needs no sympathy a. who choses? b. satisfaction: many studies show >marital satis than couples w/ children c. divorce probability: >in child-free mar since “sake of children” not issue d. cost of child: (w/univ ed+lost wage):$762K (lower 1/3) to $2.78mil (>1/3) II Being Pregnant 1. decline: among all women <30yrs old;steepest among teens;remain higest in 20’s 2. pregnancies resulting in births: 62%;22% in abortions; 16% stillbirths/miscarry 3. abortion freq: among unmarried women, 50% 4. race dif pregnancy: black report=desire for child,but 4.6 preg/fem v. 2.7 for white a. blacks: 39% pregs result in wanted births vs. 60% for Hisp and Anglo fem 5. hazard if prev miscarriage: a. when contract not harmful: if not prev miscar;if waters break labor begin 6. embolism:
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Chapter 9 - 3/1/12 Chapter 9 Chapte r 9. Pre gnancy and...

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