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Chapter 111 - Chapter 11 C 11 M,W E II(L 22 I.FAM ILY...

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3/1/12 Chapter 11 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/3120ch11.22.htm CKDSWHU 11. MDUULDJH, WRUN, DQG EFRQRPLFV, SDUW II (LHF. 22) I.FAMILY ISSUES IN THE WORKPLACE 1. SH[ GLI: 1997,US fem make 74% men;discrim prohib by Title 7,µ64Civ Rights Act 2. GLVFULP QRW RQO\ FDXVH: gap due occup dif,gender segregate,job interrupt for child a. PDOH RFFXS >HDUQLQJV: 30-50% higher in trad male occup;CE0 v secy 3. VH[XDO KDUDVVPHQW: as many as half of employed women during working years a. PLVLQWHUS: by men of friendly as sex interest;men see m/f rel as adversarial b. TXLWWLQJ MRE: because sexual harassed—Gutek 1985: 9.1% fem,1% of men 4. AYDLO FKLOGFDUH FULWLFDO WR HPSOR\: ¶95 60% child<6yrs in non-parental childcare 5. SUH-VFKRRO FKLOG%: dad/oth rel care 44%;21%non-relativ;29% organized day care 6. H[WHQGHG IDP LPSRUWDQW LDWLQD, EODFN: single moms dep on other adults in fam 7. FDUH LQ KRPH GHFUHDVH: in recent yrs,by relatives/baby-sitters;>1/2 outside home a. HIIHFW: profound dif in how child socialize; concerns may neg effect parent 8. VHOI-FDUH:
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