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3/1/12 Lec 2 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/3120ch1.2.htm Lec 2. Chapter 1. The Meaning of Marriage and the Family III. Who is in the Family: emot. closeness may be more important than biology in def. A. Affiliated Kin: unrelated individuals who feel and are treated as if relatives B. Bio kin sometimes excluded: divorced parent, absent parent, even bro or sis C. Latinos include godparents: compadUeV as family members D. Japanese Americans¶ ie: members extended family+deceased+yet to be born E. Native American clan: group of related families regarded as fundamental unit F. Nuclear family: Murdock’s 1949 term for mother, father, children; ideal G. Traditional family: MC nuclear fam; fem—wife,mom; male—breadwinner H. Contemporary: adults rel blood or marriage or affiliation coop economically I. Iroquois Matrilineal Line: import. relatives, names, inherit., titles from mom IV. 4 Functions of Family: intimacy, econ coop/consume, socialize, give roles/status 1. Most intimate: w/ spouse than anyone; Pets—single adults more attached to
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