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3/1/12 Lec 3 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/3120ch2.4.htm Lec 4. Chapter 2. Theories III. Structural Functionalism: families must stay intact to fulfill functions 1. threats to fam: 2. biological analogy: treats society as if living organism, 3. different subsystems: major institutions, e.g. fam, perform survival functions a. functions: provides members for soc through procreation; socializes 4. gender division of functions: men traits: competitive, cool, self-confidence, rationality; Zomen expressive traits: warmth, emotionality, nurturing, sensitivity, appropriate for inside home. a. Efficient: each specializes, minimizing competition, duty conflict 5. Critique: theory not empirically testable, function of trad D of L efficiency or subordination?, role reversal sometimes be more efficient?, is vital function lost if schools take over socialization?, conser bias—nontrad roles dysfunct; too abstract
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