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3/1/12 lec 6 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/3120ch3.6.htm lec 6. Chapter 3. Dynamics and Diversity of Families census¶99:29% color:13 black,11 Hisp,4 Asian, 1 Nat Am 1. Cult of Poverty: view see black sunk illegitim,poverty,welfare due to slavery a. Ignores strengths: strong kinship bonds, role flexibility, elderly care 2 Black fams: a. egalitarian: responsibility/task more evenly divided b/ male/female b. Familism: strong tradition of family loyalty and emphasis on family c. Extended family household: much more likely than whites to live in d. High divorce,out wedlock birth: 52% w/child fem-head,5% dad head e. Two parent households: only 36%; largely because low SES, esp pov i. Mid/upper class: as stable as white fams; class @ explain race 3 Latino fams: diversity—twice single-par fams among Puerto Ricans as Cubans a. unmarried mothers: 22% Cuban moms to 60% Puerto Rican b. La familia: include extend fam grandpar,aunt,uncle,cousin living close
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