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Lec001 - Lec Le c 12 Chap 6 Communication and Conflict Re s...

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3/1/12 Lec 1/1 www2.fiu.edu/agirardc/3120ch6.12.htm Lec. 12. Chap. 6 Communication and Conflict Resolution V. Developing Communication Skills A. 4 styles of miscommunication in Virginia Satir¶s (1988) Peoplemaking : 1. Placaters: always agreeable;passive;act helpless;no one knows what want or feel 2. Blamers: act superior;bodies tense,often angry;gesture by pointing;hide feel weak 3. Computers: don¶t show feelings(considered dangerous); tonelessly say things 4. distractors: frenetic;feel lonely,out of place;avoid talk of relevant feelings;flit B. John Gottman¶s 5 reactions to conflict: signs divorce risk : contempt , criticism, stonewalling (resisting a partner¶s complaint), belligerence (defiant challenge) C. Too much openness? Studies show linear model(>disclose,>happiness), no curve D. Trust: believe reliability/integrity of person;dep on predictable person w/options E.Need feedback to self-disclosure: silence is neg response;best say is valid; focus on: 1. “I” statements:
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