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Lecture 23 - Lecture 23 Le cture 23 Coming Apart Se...

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3/1/12 Lecture 23 1/2 www2.fiu.edu/agirArdc/3120ch13.23.htm Lecture 23. Coming Apart: Separation and Divorce I. TRENDS: U.S. 1 highest mar rates Indus wld,yet in wld: 1 > div rates, 1> remar rate A. divorce sig: not devalue marriage, but idealization of it; expect emo fulfill a. >exacting standards for marriage: the more divorce is used b. values supported: individual discretion and emotional satisfaction c. div function: recycling mechanism gives 1or> chances upgrade mar d. changed values: decline ideal mar perm;no longer death due us part e. deviance view: trad see healty stay marry: now may consider normal B. 1974 watershed year: more marriages end by divorce than by death C. new fam forms result: ò mar have1 spouse remarried;ò child later stepchild D. measures: ratio:div/mar (@ ò);crude: 4.2/1000 pop;refined:20/1000 mar fem E. recent trends: mar rate lowest since 1930s; crude div rate lower than 1970s a. compared 1900: div rates in 1990s six times higher II. FACTORS AFFECTING DIVORCE A. shift ag to Indus: family pays cash for goods/services,memb not interdepend a. alternative: we now have many choices B. soc integration: <South/SWdue hi residen mobil prom<w/ext fam,neig,church C. urban residence: >est correlate of div in 1 study;<subject community pressur a. >Independent: >freedom of personal choice;free com moral pressure
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Lecture 23 - Lecture 23 Le cture 23 Coming Apart Se...

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