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Unformatted text preview: 3/1/12 SYG 2000: Lecture 10 1/1 SYG 2000: LecWXUe 24. ChapWeU 8: GendeU, GlaVV Ceiling, and violence I. Fortune 500: only 5 headed by women II. The glass ceiling: mostly invisible barrier that keeps women from advance top levels at work A. fem stereotyped as “good support”: steered into human resources or public relations 1. less appreciation: of successful projects ad those that bring corp profits & bonuses 2. not positions that directly affect corporate bottom line: marketing, sales, production B. fem lack mentors: successful executives who taqke an interest in them and teach ropes 1. importance: mentors can provide opportunities to develop leadership skills than open doors C. men’s rules predominate: successful fem follow rules that make men comfortable D. supportive husbands: most successful fem have, who share household duties & adapt careers escalator:Williams’95:men trad fem job(nurse/lib/soc wk)get>lev pos/>sal/>desir assn III. MommyE....
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