SYG 2000 Lecture 1 Chapter 1 Origins of Sociology

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3/1/12 SYG 2000 Lecture 1 Chapter 1 Origins of Sociology 1/1 SYG 2000 Lecture 2 Chapter 1 Theoretical Perspectives I. Theoretical perspectives in sociology: conceptual frameworks in which facts placed A. theory: gen statement: @ how some parts of world fit together/work; explain how 2 or > facts related to one another B. 3 maj theories in sociology: symbolic interactionism, functional analysis, conflict theory II. Symbolic Interactionism: arose from Scottish moral philosophers noting evaluation of conduct thru comparison to others A.3 bringing this to sociology: Charles Horton Cooley, William I. Thomas, George Herbert Mead B. study: how people use symbols to develop their view of the world and to communicate with one another C. directs relationships: symbol tells you how you are related to others²and how you should react toward them D. coordination: symbols allows us to coordinate actions with those of other people E. behav shaped by meaning: study how behavior dep on ways define self/others;even self=symbol: ideas @
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