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3/1/12 SYG 2000: Lecture 10 1/1 SYG 2000: LecWXUe 11. ChapWeU 4: Social InVWiWXWionV I. Social Institutions: organized/usual/standard ways society meets its basic needs A. eg fam, relig, educ, economics, med, politics, law, science, military, mass media B. dif views media: functionalist: media rep many groups; conflict: rep pol elite C. functionalist view: no society w/o institutions; since fulfil vital functions; func req: D. 5 requisites every society must fulfill, according to functionalists: 1. replacing members: reproduction, provide lineage to new, sense of belonging 2. socializing new members: meaning of member of group born in, bearer of culture 3. producing/distributing goods/services: economic institution for this purpose 4. preserving order:military protects from external threat, policing/gossip v int threat 5. providing sense purpose: nec for people cooperate; religion/family/school instills E. Conflict Perspective: don¶t view inst as work harmonious common good
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