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SYG 2000 Lecture - SYG 2000 Lecture 10 1/1 SYG 2000 LecWXUe 17 ChapWeU 6 Labeling Social ClaVV and CUime I

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Unformatted text preview: 3/1/12 SYG 2000: Lecture 10 1/1 SYG 2000: LecWXUe 17. ChapWeU 6: Labeling, Social ClaVV, and CUime I. Labeling Theory: A. Outlaw Bikers embrace labels(revel in deviant identity) Mark Watson(1988)did partic obs of 1. outlaw bikers see world: as nasty/weak/effeminate;pride in looking dirty, soc undesirable 2.take pleasure in:provoke shocked reactions to appearance;hold conventional wld in contempt 3. pride themselves: in getting into trouble, laughing at death, treat fem as lesser beings 4. regard themselves as losers: factor becomes woven into their unusual embrace of deviance B. Power of labels: Saints and Roughnecks: Chambliss holds split vision due to social class 1. dif: Saints come from respectable middle-class fams; Roughnecks from working class fams 2. Saints had autos: did drinking and vandalism out of town 3. Roughtnecks hung out own street corners: where behave offends police/confirms bad rep 4. social class: equipped w/ distinct styles of interaction: Saints apologetic to police/Rough not4....
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