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PSY223 CHAPTER 8 Sensorimotor System Nicolas Canel How to move 200 bones in a meaningful pattern A muscle Synapse Axon from motor neuron in spinal cord Neurotransmitter is acetylcholine Fast and slow fibers Synergistic Muscles Antagonistic muscles Cholinergic receptors: Alzheimer’s, nicotine response (KEY IN LOCK) How do we actually move? Muscle contraction Myosin paddles past actin Muscles shorten Antagonistic muscles work together Eg. Bicep contract, triceps extent
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Unformatted text preview: Primary motor Cortex 1. Wilder Penfield, from 1930s 2. Used very brief pulses 3. Longer pulses produce more complex motions 4. Motor Homunculus A Newly-Learned Sequence Of Finger Movements Cerebellum:10% mass of brain, but half of brain neurons Controls force, direction, velocity and amplitude Motor learning A well=practiced sequence of motor activities Well-learned things may be performed at unconscious level and they seem easy...
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