CHE113INTOR7 - packaged at the crime site.-Evidence...

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CHE113 Forensic Science Nicolas Canel Forensic Science Introduction Crime Labs Rationale for Crime Labs -increasing volume of physical evidence recovered from crime scenes. -need to perform chemical analyses on drugs, coupled with a significant increase in illicit drug seizures. -Supreme Court decisions have enhanced the rights of the defendant. Decisions, such as those insuring a defendant’s right to counsel and the right to remain silent, have encouraged police agencies to place a greater reliance on scientific investigative techniques. -Advances in scientific technology have provided forensic scientists with many new skills and techniques to extract meaningful information from physical evidence. Incorporating evidence collection into crime labs: -Before evidence can be properly analyzed it must be recognized, collected and properly
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Unformatted text preview: packaged at the crime site.-Evidence technicians under the continuous direction of the crime laboratory are more likely to have received thorough training in the gathering of evidence at the crime site.-Evidence technicians are better prepared to adopt new procedures or modify existing procedures to improve evidence collection. Services of Crime Lab-Biology Unit-Firearms Unit-Document Examination Unit-Photography Unit-Toxicology Unit-Latent Fingerprint Unit-Polygraph Unit-Voiceprint Analysis Unit-Evidence-Collection Unit-Forensic Anthropology-Forensic Entomology-Forensic Psychiatry-Forensic Odontology-Forensic Engineering Forensic Techniques-Physical Evidence-Chemical and Biological Evidence Spectroscopy (function of wavelength) Chromatography, Spectrometry-Review some properties of matter first....
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CHE113INTOR7 - packaged at the crime site.-Evidence...

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