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CHE113INTRO2 - -Two objects may be indistinguishable but no...

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CHE113 Forensic Science Nicolas Canel Forensic Science Introduction Forensics Science History -Began formally in late 1700’s. -Real application of the scientific method and techniques in 1900’s. -Important Names: –Sung T’zu –Aphonse Bertillion (anthropometry) –Francis Galton (Fingerprinting) –Calvin Goddard (Ballistics) –Alexndre Lacassagne (anthropology) –Edmond Locard (scientific criminal investigation) –Crime Writers: esp. A.C. Doyle, D.L. Sayers, A.Christie Alexandre Lacassagne -(1843-1924) Professeur de médecine légale à la Faculté de Lyon, Alexandre - Criminal Anthropology Edmond Locard -1877-1966 - Application of scientific techniques to criminal investigations. -Set up first real forensics lab. Locard’s Exchange Principle -The most basic concept of Forensic Science: –Criminal in contact with an object or person, a cross transfer of evidence occurs –Examples; dust, biological samples, fingerprints, chemical residues, etc. Principle of Individuality
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Unformatted text preview: -Two objects may be indistinguishable, but no two objects are ever identical. Things can at least be put in classes or even individualized in useful ways. Salem Witch Trials-required use of toxicology?-During exceptionally cold winter of 1691-1692, Betty Parris (9) became strangely ill. -Flu-like symptoms.-Ran about, hidunder furniture, contorted in pain, and complained of fever. -Strange dances that continued until exhaustive collapse.-Cotton Mather published a popular book, "Memorable Providences," describing the suspected witchcraft case that Betty’s mirrored behavior. Memorable Providences-Go tell Mankind, that there are Devils and Witches; and that tho those night-birds least appear where the Day-light of the Gospel comes”. “I shall count that man Ignorant who shall suspect, but I shall count him down-right Impudent if he Assert the Non-Existence of things which we have had such palpable convictions of.”...
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CHE113INTRO2 - -Two objects may be indistinguishable but no...

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