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CHE113 Forensic Science Nicolas Canel Forensic Science Introduction Arthur Conan Doyle -Creator of Sherlock Holmes - Based upon Poe’s Dupin and real life Prof. Joe Bell (U. Edinburgh). -Preceded and foretold many chemical analyses for forensic investigations Dorothy L Sayers -Creator of Lord Peter Wimsey -Meticulous scientific detail and correct attention to facts. -See Short Stories Agatha Christie -Creator of Hercule Poirot and Miss. Jane Marple. -Most read of crime/forensics writers Forensic Science
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Unformatted text preview: -Forensic Science - Application of the scientific method and techniques to law and criminal justice.-Encompasses many fields: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Psychology, Anthropology, etc…- Crime Lab and Medical Examiners Offices Organization-Topics included are: – blood analysis –organic and inorganic evidence analysis, –microscopic investigations –hair and analysis –DNA –drug chemistry and toxicology, –fingerprints, –Entomology-others....
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