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Learning Module #1 Goal #1 Students will have an understanding of the IRAC Method of Analysis. a. Students will know how to spot a legal issue. b. Students will learn how to articulate a legal rule. c. Students will know how to analyze the application of the legal rules to a set of facts and draw and articulate a legal conclusion. #2 Students will experience how to write a case brief. a. Students will understand what a case law legal citation is. b. Students will learn how to discern what facts in a case are legally pertinent. c. Students will be able to explain the procedural history of a case. d. Students will be able to describe the legal issue presented in the case. e. Students will be able to articulate and define the pertinent rule(s) of law. f. Students will be able to explain the court's conclusion based on the
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Unformatted text preview: application of the rule of law to the facts of the case at bar. #3 Students should be familiar with the following terms: cause of action, constitution, statute, ordinance, regulation. #4 Students should understand the principle of stare decisis. #5 Students should know the difference between mandatory authority and statutory authority. #6 Students will learn to identify substantive facts versus procedural facts. #7 Students will be understand the following terms: affirm, reverse, remand, concurring opinion, dissenting opinion. #8 Students will know the following elements of a case brief: rule, issue, holding, narrow holding, broad holding, procedural history, ratio decidendi, and dictum and legal reasoning....
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