4 - Blastomyces Paracoccidioides Mucor (Rhizopus, Mucor)...

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4.2. Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Table II Fungi Other names Layer involved Appearance/localizatio n Risk factors Cutaneous inoculation Microsporum, Trichophyton Tinea capitus stratum corneum erythema, scaling, hair loss person to person transmission Microsporum, TrichophytonEpidermophyto n Tinea corporus stratum corneum red, raised, scaly, sometimes circular, often grouped lesions Candida spp. stratum corneum vesicopustules progressing to erythema and maceration. Typically in intertriginous regions obesity, diabetes Sporothrix schenckii “Rose gardener’s disease” dermis nodule progressing to pustule and ulceration Subcutaneous nodules extending along Lymphatic drainage channe trauma from plant materials Actinomyces “Madura foot” initially stratum corneum but can penetrate deeply nodules progressing to ulcers with granulomata trauma
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Unformatted text preview: Blastomyces Paracoccidioides Mucor (Rhizopus, Mucor) dermis dark, necrotic lesions trauma, burns, diabetes Malessezia spp folliculitis Tinea versicolor epidermis papulopustular hypo and hyper pigmented macules Disseminated infections Candida spp disseminate d candidiasis epidermis , dermis pustules intravenous catheterization, neutropenia Coccidioides immitis Valley fever dermis, deeper tissue papules, pustules, granulomata, abscesses exposure in SW US, Mexico, S. America Cryptococcus neoformans dermis nodular or ulcerative lesions defects in T cell immunity (AIDS, steroids) Aspergillus spp dermis, erythematous papules, severe and deeper tissue pustules, necrotic ulcerations extended immunosuppressio n "Mucor Trichosporon beigelii Fusarium spp. Pseudallescheria boydii...
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4 - Blastomyces Paracoccidioides Mucor (Rhizopus, Mucor)...

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