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Bone and Joint Tex1 - • knee>hip> shoulder = ankle =...

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Bone and Joint Text 7.3. Who gets Septic Arthritis? Risk factors for and/or comorbidities associated with septic arthritis are: immunosuppression injection drug use intravenous catheterization potential acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases geographic location joint prosthesis joint disease (RA) trauma (including joint injection) diabetes advanced age malignancy corticosteroid use 8. How is the diagnosis of Septic Arthitis made? 8.1. History elicit pertinent features such as a history of joint disease or trauma and other risk factors/comorbidities, symptoms suggesting bacteremia fairly sudden articular or peri-articular pain, especially if at rest, should not be ignored 8.2. Physical Examination key joint findings - limited range of motion, tenderness, swelling, warmth, erythema
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Unformatted text preview: • knee>hip> shoulder = ankle = wrist • associated physical findings looking for a potential source of infection or portals of entry (Remember the sty from case 1?) 8.3. Radiography • plain radiographs might be useful • CT scan and MRI are very useful for defining joints and complex surrounding structures Ex. Tuberculous septic arthritis of the hip – extensive destruction of the femoral head and neck (Protrusio Acetabula) due to bony resorption, soft tissue abscess. 8.4. Laboratory examination • Blood culture – detection of bacteremia in septic arthritis varies (10-50%) • synovial fluid examination o elevated WBC count – usually >50,000 o Gram stain generally positive in 1/3 of cases o cultures positive in 25-80%...
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Bone and Joint Tex1 - • knee>hip> shoulder = ankle =...

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