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Bone and Joint Tex2 - arthritis and infectious or...

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Bone and Joint Text 6.2. Surgical modalities debridement – removal of nonviable material, including pus, dead tissue and bone, and foreign material. This removes the nidus of persistent infection. revascularization - improving blood flow to the affected areas in persons with underlying peripheral vascular disease. This improves wound healing and delivery of antibiotics to the site. Ablation or amputation might be necessary to eradicate or control the infection 7. Septic Arthritis Case 3: A 53 year old woman presents to the emergency room with a 2 to 3 day history of fever and chills, followed by the abrupt onset earlier in the day of wrist pain, swelling and redness. 7.1. What is this process? The differential diagnosis includes noninfectious inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid
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Unformatted text preview: arthritis and infectious or "septic" arthritis Definition of septic arthritis infection of the joint space (monoarticular 90%, polyarticular, suppurative, nonsuppurative) 7.2. How did the infection develop? The pathogenesis of septic arthritis can occur through three pathways: hematogenous spread o from a blood borne infection (Remember case 1?) o Synovial tissue is very vascular and thus susceptible to hematogenous seeding direct inoculation o such as a sharp contaminated object (ex. cat's claw) penetrating the synovial space from a contiguous infection (i.e., via direct extension) within hours of a joint becoming infected, an inflammatory and destructive process of the joint begins...
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Bone and Joint Tex2 - arthritis and infectious or...

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