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Emerging Infectious Diseases 10.1.5. Treatment and Prevention: Treatment is supportive. o No controlled studies demonstrating benefits of antiviral agents. Promising vaccine candidates in development. One is based on a licensed yellow fever vaccine that contains 2 WNV genes and is currently in human trials. Another uses an attenuated dengue virus with WNV genes inserted. Prevention: o States dead bird/mosquito pool surveillance o Mosquito control: DEET, drainage of standing water o Vaccine: experimental, available only for horses 11. New Variant of Common Virus To Come Out Into View: SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME (SARS) 11.1. Key Concepts: Newly recognized transmissible respiratory illness characterized by fever then rapidly progressive respiratory compromise Case fatality rate 3 to 4% worldwide; higher in those with advanced age or comorbidities Probable viral etiology (SARS coronavirus) that may have jumped species from masked palm civets, raccoon dogs and badgers
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