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Emerging Infectious Diseases 1. General Introduction While advances in identification, culture techniques, diagnosis and treatment have led to remarkable improvements in the consequences of infectious diseases worldwide in the past quarter century, newly identified pathogens continue to emerge and affect mankind. Recent examples include Legionella species, hemorrhagic fever viruses (Ebola and others), Hantavirus, and HIV. The past several years have proved extremely rich in old pathogens (anthrax, smallpox) and pathogens in new populations (West Nile Virus, coronavirus, monkeypox virus) creating important public health challenges. In addition, antimicrobial resistance is developing at a rapid pace and contributing to the re- emergence of some major infectious disease challenges such as multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, penicillin resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae and community acquired- or vancomycin resistant-
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Unformatted text preview: Staphylococcus aureus. 1.1. Objective The objective of this lecture is to briefly review the microbiology, epidemiology and pathology of 5 emerging pathogens. 2. Factors contributing to the emergence of infections include: (adapted from Table 54.4, Schaechter (1998). Mechanisms of microbial disease. Third Edition. Baltimore, MD: Williams and Wilkins) 2.1. Change in the ecological niche or global environment Lyme disease in the wake of reforestation Hantavirus in the wake of weather changes 2.2. Human behaviors AIDS epidemic in the wake of sexual behaviors and IV drug users 2.3. International travel/trade Cholera spread to South America Malaria in returning traveler West Nile Virus in Northern Hemisphere SARS...
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