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Hospital Infection2

Hospital Infection2 - decreased the risk of bacteriuria but...

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Hospital Infections 4. Entry Organisms enter through barriers that have been breached, such as intravenous catheters, or invasive procedures. 4.1. Burn patients may be at risk for skin colonization and develop Pseudomonas sepsis. 4.2. Inhalation or aspiration pneumonia may occur following surgery and anesthesia. 4.3. Ingestion of C. difficile may lead to antibiotic associated diarrhea, or VRE may be ingested and lead to colonization which precedes invasive infection. There are certain factors related to hospitalization that carry an undue risk of a nosocomial infection:Endotracheal Tube, Bladder Catheter, Intravenous Catheter, Non-Elective admission, age over 65 years, operative procedure during admission, hyperalimentation (TPN), immunosuppression. 5. Nosocomial Urinary Tract Infections Usually related to GU manipulation and Foley catheterization, closed- catheter drainage has
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Unformatted text preview: decreased the risk of bacteriuria but the risk is cumulative and is ~ 5% per day of placement. Risk of bacteriuria related to skill of person inserting Foley, and adequacy of Foley care (i.e. use of proper technique). Females > 50 have highest risk of infection. 5.1. Pathophysiology of infection: The collection bag may become contaminated or organisms may traverse Foley-meatal interface, causative organisms are usually host flora--E. coli Enterococci, Proteus, Klebsiella. Outbreaks due to these and other organisms which are resistant to multiple antibiotics have been reported. Systemic prophylactic antibiotics do not decrease risk and may pre-dispose to superinfection; bladder irrigation with antibiotics not of proven value. Prevention includes removal of Foley catheter when possible....
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