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Urinary Tract Text 5. Recurrences (relapse vs. reinfection) While most UTI respond readily to treatment, some are followed by recurrences.These may take two forms:relapse and reinfection. 5.1. Relapses Relapses signify that the original infection was never eradicated. The organism cultured is identical to that from the previous episode and symptoms usually recur within 2 weeks of the end of treatment for the previous episode. If the previous episode was treated with short course therapy, the first thought should be that there was subclinical pyelonephritis and that a longer course of treatment is needed. If a longer course is followed by another relapse, "imaging" (CT scan or ultrasound) is warranted, to look for an anatomic abnormality. 5.2. Reinfections Reinfections may be caused by the same or a different organism, and usually occur at intervals > 2 wks after the preceding infection. Multiple reinfections usually point to pathogenetic factors such as those outlined above. They can be addressed by changing the contraceptive to "the pill",
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