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Viral Meningitis and Encephalitis 1. Encephalitis 1.1. Background Encephalitis indicates inflammation of the brain. Meningoencephalitis signifies inflammation of both the brain and meninges. Myelitis is inflammation of spinal cord. Clinically the terms are useful to differentiate that area which is most affected by the pathologic process. Any of the viruses associated with encephalitis can be among those which cause aseptic meningitis, however, there are a group of viruses (arboviruses) which cause epidemic encephalitis. In any epidemic, however, one should recognize that there will be a wide spectrum of disease ranging from asymptomatic infection to aseptic meningitis to frank encephalitis. 1.2. Epidemiology Arboviruses tend to predominate and epidemic disease occurs almost yearly in the US. Certain arboviruses have a predilection for different geographic areas of the US depending on the climate, mosquito vector and the virus itself. A comparison of the different arboviruses can be found in the accompanying table.
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