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Donner Order Flow

Donner Order Flow - Purchasing Agent Factory Order To...

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Customer Customer Sales  Manager Sales  Manager Cost Estimation  + Bid Preparation (Altmeyer +  Plummer) Cost Estimation  + Bid Preparation (Altmeyer +  Plummer) Presentation to  Customer (Sales Manager) Presentation to  Customer (Sales Manager) Approval Approval Order Type Order Type Material Specs  + Factory Order (Altmeyer) Material Specs  + Factory Order (Altmeyer) Materials Specs to  Purchasing Agent Materials Specs to
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Unformatted text preview: Purchasing Agent Factory Order To Flaherty Factory Order To Flaherty Scheduling and Labour Estimation (Flaherty) Scheduling and Labour Estimation (Flaherty) Manufacturing (Worker) Manufacturing (Worker) Material Specs + Purchasing Order (Schnabs) Material Specs + Purchasing Order (Schnabs) Yes Rush Normal No Order Completion Order Completion...
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