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Aspects of Documenting Your Storyline

Aspects of Documenting Your Storyline - -“what went...

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Aspects of Documenting Your Storyline Why important to document storyline (and game design in general) Facilitates clearly laying out the story (design), and how all pertinent aspects fit in Helps identify potential conflicts/inconsistencies between parts of the storyline Copyright reasons Using design document as a sales/marketing tool towards getting funding for the game development Story elements Premise -a one to two sentence summary of the game and overall theme, the primary purpose of which is to excite and intrigue customers and game developers o Get people to “buy in” to it Backstory
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Unformatted text preview: -“what went before” o The portion of the story and character development) that leads up to the point where the game starts • Synopsis-short summary of the story as it unfolds • Plot-duh the plot the storyline that progresses during the game • Setting-“where” the game/story takes place o All aspects of “where” the type of world, environment, creatures that live there, sci-fi/fantasy/ordinary, special powers, physics behind the special powers/abilities • Theme-what the story is really about o Relates to the primary obstacle in the story faced by the Hero...
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