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Aspects of Gameplay Challenges

Aspects of Gameplay Challenges - Rules of Play o How you...

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Rules of Play o How you win or lose o Examples: beating a boss, most points, reaching a threshold of points first, winning a race, DESTROY EVERYTHING, protection for x amount of time, escape in x amount of time, survive Interactivity Modes o Refers to how player interacts with: Game controlled by computer Other players Game console/device Developer DLC o Player to game Various ways player interacts with the computer controlling/rung the game (basic interactivity) o Player to platform How player interacts with game console or device Basic keypad/joystick/mouse Keyboard? Motion devices? (wiimote, nunchuck, kinect , Playstation move) Other devices? o Sensors o Wii fit platform How player perceives game o Monitor/TV 3D TVs o Audio/stereo o Player to player A much more significant element than 10-20 yrs ago Different ways players can play with or against each other Team PVE o Players work together towards defeating some significant
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