Aspects of Plot design

Aspects of Plot design - abilities/skills weapons/armor...

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Aspects of Plot design Balancing Conflict- one side shouldn’t be more powerful than the other o Maximizing the dramatic tension, when the player seems on the brink of disaster, with moments of levity/comedy Shifting Focus-different things to be done to keep the player entertained, new monsters, levels, allies, equipment, abilities Plot Elements—helpful “tools” for designing plot Balancing Conflict o Maintaining a balance between opponents o Balancing tension (rollercoaster of tension) Shifting Focus o Doing different things or changing things up periodically to give variety and prevent boredom, keep attention of immersion New: Content, levels, allies, enemies/bosses, abilities/skills,
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Unformatted text preview: abilities/skills, weapons/armor, environment/worlds, player character o Foreshadowing Events Basically giving players hints of what may be coming ; this excites and motivates o Suspension of Disbelief More common in fantasy/sci-fi/shooters Players should expect deviation from natural laws There may be • Magic • Advanced technology • Superhuman abilities o MUST BE CONSISTENT Also need to avoid overpowered abilities • Realsim o Tyring to make the game as realistic (true to life) as possible Graphics Audio Simulating real environments Blood and gore o Often contracts w/ suspension of disbelief, but not always. ....
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