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Character Development Imp Aspects

Character Development Imp Aspects - • Point of View POV o...

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Character Development Imp Aspects Developing how characters interact (relationship) o Chile to parent o Student to teacher o Boyfriend to girlfriend o Boss employee As you advance beyond two individuals it gets more complicated o Love triangle Character Arc o Character development progression o Particularly prominent Hero’s Journey storyline o Shows growth fo character Initially only care about self and immediate family Over time grows to include: family, groups, communities, world
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Unformatted text preview: • Point of View POV o 3 rd Person POV can really lend itself to attachment (to Hero) Lends to immersion o 1 st POV No attachment but more a feeling like you’re there • Lends to immersion o Top-down or side views, generally less immersion • Identity for characters o Visual look o Audio and voice Often use Hollywood actor voices o Movement Signature moves Idle movement...
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