Important aspects of Game Story Development

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Important aspects of Game Story Development Interactivity o Active game play is a key aspect of the story o Much of this doesn’t necessarily advance story, but keeps player actively involved Non-linearity o Multiple paths along which the story can unfold—player dictates how the story progresses Player Control o Player can make choices that affect gameplay, though not necessarily storyline (see non-linearity) o Personalization Player can make character their own Collaboration o Players collectively decide what to do
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Unformatted text preview: o Multi-player Immersion o Refers to how involved player becomes in the game Major goal of most games Cinematic Cut-Scenes and Scripted Events o Gameplay suspends while story unfolds/progresses o Cinematic (cut screen) More like a movie storyline Graphics change to much more realistic Significant voice overs o Scripted Storyline progresses directly within the game environment Graphics env NPCs all look and act the sane...
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