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Department of Prevention and Community Health [CRN 65556] [SPRING, 2012] [Introduction to Public Health and Health Services] [Ross Hall 224] Instructor Tamara A. Henry, Ed.D. 2175 K Street NW 7 th Floor Washington, DC 20036 Phone: [202-368-1877] Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment Course Description The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to public health concepts and practice by examining the philosophy, history, organization, functions, tools, activities and results of public health practice. Case studies and a variety of practice-related exercises serve as a basis for student participation in real world public health problem- solving situations. The various components of the course aim to stimulate interactions among learners and between learners and instructors around important problems and issues facing public health. Course Learning Objectives Achieve familiarity with the various components of the public health system Understand interrelationships among the public health system's components Acquire the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to important health issues and problems Acquire an awareness of the importance of independent reading and study Appreciate the unique characteristics of public health practice as a social enterprise Required Texts (Reading for a particular class should be completed before coming to class!) Title Author Edition Public Health 101- Healthy
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PubHsyllabus - Department of Prevention and Community...

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