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Chapter 8 – The Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding Chemical Bonds : strong attractive forces that exists between atoms. o See Figure 8.1 on page 298 o Ionic Bond : bond formed by the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions o Covalent Bond : bond formed by the sharing of a pair of electrons between two atoms. o Metallic Bond : occurs in solid metals; the bonding electrons are free to move throughout a three dimensional structure. ± This will be covered in Chapter 11. Lewis Symbol o See Table 8.1 on page 299 o The basis of the Lewis theory is that there are certain electron arrangements in the atom that are more stable o Bonding occurs so atoms attain a more stable electron configuration o The Lewis symbol for an element is the chemical symbol for the element with a dot for each valence shell electron o The most important requirement for the formation of a stable compound is that atoms achieve noble gas electron configuration. o In writing Lewis structures, only valence electrons are included Lewis Symbol of Ions o The octet rule for ions Æ atoms tend to gain to lose electrons until they are surrounded by eight valence shell elections ± Exception: the duet rule for hydrogen Æ hydrogen will gain an electron to become like helium or it will lose its electron to become H+ o Metals form cations by losing electrons to obtain noble gas electron configurations o Nonmetals form anions by gaining electrons to obtain noble gas electron configurations o The noble gas electron configurations are very stable o Lewis symbols can be used to represent the transfer of electrons from a metal atom to a nonmetal atom, resulting in ions that are attracted to each
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CHEM011(Hilderbrandt)ReviewPacketforTeston12-01-10SAMPLE -...

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