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Culture—shared pattern of learned behavior 1. As bounded object 2. Fuzzy boundaries between cultures: they’re porous; there is not set culture and cultures are now mingling a. Cultures now influence one-another b. Culture is not static, it is a process; it evolves. 3. In this definition, all cultural traits and values are learned. Ethnocentrism 1. The tendency to see one’s own culture as best, and to judge everyone else according to how they fit into this archetype. a. Good aspects: social solidarity, it keeps you wanting to be a member of a
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Unformatted text preview: certain group. It establishes loyalty. b. Extreme Aspects: genocide, racism, sexist, homophobia, etc. 2. Cultural Relativity (a way to get around ethnocentrism) a. This is the positions that the values and standards of cultures differ and deserve respect in their own terms. b. Good aspects: developing an appreciation for diversity c. Extreme aspects: vindicating evil regimes on the basis that they are entitled to respect on their own terms d....
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