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Judaid Yassir—Pakistan How do we explain human behavior? Evolutionism (social darwinism) Sociobiology : determinism via biology; everything you do/think/believe is a chemical reaction. Empiricism : general scientific method Functionalism : people have needs, and society functions to satisfy those needs. Has no account for change. Materialism : concerned with the physical environment, and how people interact with the environment; the things they use to interact. Assumes: culture is how humans adapt to the world. Cultural Ecology : what people DO in the environment to adapt. Cultural materialism : Economy; for most humans, the way to attain these materials is through trade. Everything else flows out of economy;
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Unformatted text preview: what you do shapes what you believe. Structuralism : there are patterns in our behavior and if you go deep enough in a person’s mind you will find universal patterns for all actions. (dichotomy) Interpretive : All culture is made out of meaning; we create the meaning out of life and apply it to life. Further, there may be multiple layers of meanings. Culture becomes a web. It is also public; not a thing, but an phenomenon that can be analyzed. (Most of anthropology is in this school) Conflict : Looking at social issues and problems; how society and power interact. Marxist. Social Darwinism: Some (progressive) cultures are morally better than others....
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