- Group Marriage non-existent The whole group has sexual access to all members Choice of Spouse Personal choice while pressures are present

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The Incest Taboo The prohibition of sexual relations between specified individuals (at minimum: parent child) Not necessarily biological , but seems to carry over to other species It seems that the parent-child rule is universal Some cultures advocate incest in that they sought to preserve the bloodline Muscular dystrophy and hemophilia are diseases that come about through inbreeding, but nothing like 2-headed offspring. Endogamy : marriage within the group (keeps land, values, etc) Exogamy : marriage outside of the group (social, ethnic, genetic, etc) Marriage : Monogamy : one spouse (typically seen as an ideal). Serial monogamy: marrying one person again and again. Polygamy : multiple spouses. Polygyny: multiple wives. Polyandry: multiple husbands
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Unformatted text preview: Group Marriage : non-existent. The whole group has sexual access to all members. Choice of Spouse Personal choice : while pressures are present, ultimately it is a choice Arranged marriages : you’re not smart enough to pick a spouse; not enough societal experience to make the proper determination Marriage Exchanges Bride price or bride wealth: compensation a groom pays to the bride’s family. Offsets removing a productive aspect from the home. Bride service: groom goes and works for the bride’s family for a set amount of time. Prove himself. Dowry: payment of a woman’s inheritance upon marriage. After receiving this, you are on your own. It’s a final disclosure of “property.”...
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