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11-02-11 - allomothers so they abandon or kill off their...

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Divorce In societies with arranged marriages, divorce is much more difficult. It also requires a repayment of dowry. Acceptable or not: Family : two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Household : basic residential unit where economic production, consumption, inheritance, child rearing, and shelter are organized and carried out. Functions of the family : childbirth (altricial birth creates a period of dependency) Mothers & Others : Cooperative breeding : community childrearing Allomothers : all other non-related acting moms (regardless of gender) Partible paternity : idea that the fetus is constructed by sperm, the woman doesn’t contribute and biological material, women merely collect sperm from many men who in term become that child’s father. Grandmothers : as women get older, they cannot work, but they can take care of children. Hormonal changes : All allomothers go through hormonal changes. Overburdened mothers : Mother’s that have the perceived idea that there are no
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Unformatted text preview: allomothers, so they abandon or kill off their offspring. Daycare : a way of mitigating maternal burdens. There has to be a high ratio of caretakers vs. children. They have to be sensitive to children’s needs. Forms of the family Conjugal family : married family Consanguineal family: blood-related family Subgenres: Nuclear family: (step-) parents & offspring; peaked in 1950’s; now 25% Extended family: several nuclear families all living together Polygamous family: Non-traditional families: female-headed households, single-parent, etc Resident Patterns Patrilocal: moving in with the husband’s family; men dominate Matrilocal : move in with the wife’s family; female dominate. Ambilocal : either wife or husband (resource dependent). Neolocal : Setting up a new household separate from family. Avunculocal : moving in with the husband’s mother’s (eldest) brother. Men do all the work; women own all the stuff....
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