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Anthony F. C. Wallace “Belief and ritual concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces” Problematic term, ‘Belief’ is determined by asking: What they say What you observe Value Steadman and Palmer’s definition of religious behavior, “religion is the communicated acceptance of a supernatural claim that cannot be verified by the senses” Beginning of Religion Tylor—espoused that religions tried to communicate things that were not ordinarily explainable. Animism—Belief in spiritual beings, everything has a spirit Animatism—impersonal force (e.g. Luck) Tylor thought that as science explained more facts, religion would decline. Wallace’s Categorization of religion Shaman—part-time religious specialist that mediates between people and the supernatural (sometimes they claim to have special insights)
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Unformatted text preview: Since they deal with the unknown, they live on the edge of society; they are not a part of society Small-scale societies and foragers Had ambiguous roles in society (ex. two spirits) Two spirits have are males by gender, but they do everything as a woman Communal religion shamanistic with the addition of community ceremonies May have several supernatural beings, which control aspects of nature Usually farming societies Olympian religions Polytheistic Monotheism (one god) Both Olympic and monotheism have full time religious professionals . The more complex your society, the more complex your religion . Magic use of techniques intended to accomplish certain aims through supernatural means Sympathetic Magic (e.g. cave paintings that enact what you want to happen) Contagious Magic (e.g. voodoo dolls, which can be good or bad)...
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