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Race Race is an ideology of ranked categories dividing up humans Developed by western Europeans after the 1400s Global Linked to cultural worth, intelligence, beauty, “closeness to Europeans” Concept changed as Europeans came into contact with more people Slavery as a wide spread practice Trans-Atlantic Slave trade as a new form Racialization of minority groups The science of race The end of race Franz Boas and the rise of anti-racial theory (Slavery is bunk!) Monogenists: "Christian God created one group and throughout time because of nature they diversified.” Polygenists: “Christian God created each race seperate” Samuel Morton attempted to prove these categories: Caucasians,
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Unformatted text preview: Mongolians, American, Malayans 1906: Franz Boaz “African Americans should be proud of their heritage” Race does not exists as a biological category Biology of Race Phenotype and genotype Inconsistencies between phenotype and race: Melanin—chemical in your skin that helps to protect you from the sun Vitamin D—helps body to absorb calcium, sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D. Skin color as adaptation Race as culture Race is a cultural category Taught and reinforced through our culture Racism—cultural and ideological perception and evaluation of self and others according to racial identity Stereotypes...
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